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Jericho rewatch.


i have a secret dream to one day unapologetically punch someone hard in the face.

Anyone wanna play cards against humanity?

Yes okay then click here and the password is my url!

demonofcrossroads replied to your post: hey folks, i got my laptop back!! c:

welcome back, darling ♥

aaaw thank you honey!

And I just lost 10 followers! I thought it would be way more.

You + _____ make a cute couple


Tell me who you ship me with 

trickygod replied to your post: trickygod replied to your post:hey fol…

Are you hugging it right now?

Oh I already hugged it a lot and actually kissed it too (is that weird..?)

Welcome back! How’s the laptop?

Its fiiiine, it works again yaaaay, im so happy. I really missed the thing. Like it was gone for almost 2 weeks, idk how I survived…